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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wandering, soon...

Oh wow! I just realized it has been a long time since I wrote. I think I'd better start playing with words again since I know I'll be helping Denise very soon when we start our wanders for 2013.

It was about a week ago when I decided I needed to jump in and tell Denise that she needed a quick escape. Our last wandering holiday was our visit to Acadia in October; that's too long without traveling. I nudged her on Monday and by Wednesday we had a destination (really multiple destinations) and reservations. I'm so excited! We're going to visit Valley of Fire State Park, Zion National Park, and Red Rock Canyon. We've been to all of those places before but I won't complain because they are all beautiful. We are on a non-stop flight on JetBlue from Boston to Las Vegas so even though it's a long flight, it's only one airplane in each direction. Denise really doesn't like to change planes when we are only traveling for part of a week.

I think I'd better remind Denise to bring her winter snow sneakers just in case it snows when we are in Zion. It snowed when were were there two years ago in March. With a visit in February I'm afraid she might need warm and dry shoes.

I think I'd better start thinking of other places I'd like to wander later in the year. It's not too soon to plan, right?

--- Rover
Rover, along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
A photo of me in Grand Teton National Park, from August 2012