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Saturday, February 09, 2013

through the window

I woke up this morning to find snow piled against the doors. The depth of the snow at the front door (as measured from inside) appears to have drifted to about 3 feet deep. No, I can't open the screen door - it opens out!

The storm was fed by the convergence of storms that had formed in two branches of the west to east jet stream. From the Boston Globe article Storms carried by two branches of the jet stream converge to spark nor’easter:

The fierce nor’easter that began walloping New England on Friday was the product of two storms that merged, causing a rapidly strengthening storm known in weather jargon as a “meteorological bomb.”

“We just have the right setup,” said Lance Franck, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Taunton. “It really is just a classic snowstorm."
article by Carolyn Y. Johnson, Globe Staff / February 8, 2013

There is still light snow falling right now with the forecast calling for it to end by early afternoon. I wonder if the weather wizard pays attention to the forecast. What do you think?

The state ban on vehicle travel that was put into place as of 4PM yesterday is still in effect. Luckily my feet aren't considered vehicles... I think I'll brave the cold in a bit and see if there are enough cleared spots for walking.

The view from my 2nd floor window this morning...

a view of the snow from a second floor window