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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

heading home

It was a short wandering day today because we needed to head to the airport for our flight home - short but good.

I wasn't sure what trail we would head to this morning. Denise clearly had an idea though... We parked at the Sandstone Quarry lot and headed out for a bit on the Grand Circle route. We walked one way, then turned around, passing the car and walking the other way for a bit. It's funny how the scenery was totally different depending on which side of Sandstone Quarry we were visiting. One side was that red sandstone, and the other was rolling terrain and more jagged mountains.

a view of Red Rock Canyon

I'm so glad Denise let me borrow her phone to grab a photo before we headed to the airport. This is our last view of Red Rock Canyon (for this trip), taken from a highway overlook.

Oh! It's getting close to airplane boarding, time to go...

--- Rover