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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

counting the days

I'm counting the days until we leave (only two more!) and keeping an eye on the weather. It looks like it might snow here over the weekend, probably starting sometime on Saturday. If the forecast is right we should be away before the snow flies. Oh! I hope I didn't jinx our travel plans by saying that.

snow woman standing on a ledge near the end of the Riverside Walk

The last time we were in Zion I met this little snow person. She was standing high on a wall at the end of the Riverside Walk (right before the trail jumped into the river). I don't know if we'll see snow in Zion this time. It's beautiful in the snow but cold too. Hmm... I know we'll have fun even if the weather is somewhat misbehaving.

I'm looking forward to seeing red rocks - red is so different from the colors we see near home (except when the leaves turn colors in the fall). Maybe the red will be decorated in white, maybe not.

I just pulled out maps for Zion and Red Rock Canyon, and I found the trail guide for Valley of Fire State Park too. I think I'll stash them in the bag with Denise's camera; that way they will be easily accessible when we need them. Did you know that Denise really likes maps?

--- Rover