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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A walk on the beach

I felt a need for a walk on the beach today. Is this starting to sound like a pattern?

On this first morning of daylight savings time, sunrise was a late 7:05 AM, and the low tide was scheduled for just after 8. I thought about timing my travel to arrive on the coast before sunrise. That thought didn't last too long when I realized how cold it would be; the forecast called for temps in the 20s over night, and I knew it would take more than the sun popping above the horizon to bring some warmth to the day.

I left home at 7:30 AM, arriving at Jenness State Beach in less than an hour. The sand was wet and firm, a happy walking surface. A quick walking pace plus a few layers kept me warm. Happy...

Jenness State Beach, looking inland

A few more photos from this morning's walk can be seen in the gallery New Hampshire Coast - 2012 starting with this photo and ending here.