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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bridge reconstruction

I stopped in Portsmouth to see if there was visible progress on the Memorial Bridge deconstruction. The barge containing the lift section of the bridge floated out several weeks ago, and deconstruction of the remaining sections of the bridge is under way. While the sections remain in place, there is less to the structure.

As I stood on the New Hampshire side and looked across to Maine it appeared that it was possible to walk under the bridge. Interestingly enough it was easier to get onto the I-95 bridge than it was to get onto the closer Route 1 bridge. I hopped on I-95, crossed the bridge, and hopped off again. I wandered through Kittery, heading towards the closed bridge. I crossed the from the mainland onto Badger's Island, then found a way to the water. There was a barge heading to the bridge, carrying a crane and what looked like a couple of vertical sections of steel.

Memorial Bridge deconstruction, Portsmouth / Kittery

Two photos for a structure comparison:

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