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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beach walk

Today is the last day the beach at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge is open until late in the summer. From the refuge web site:

"Each year beginning April 1 st, the majority of the refuge beach is closed to all public to provide undisturbed nesting and feeding habitat for the federally threatened piping plover. Portions of the beach not being used by the birds may be reopened starting in July. Typically all sections are reopened by mid-late August."

The signs blocking the boardwalks to the beach were in place today, turned backwards and leaning against the fence. Tomorrow, the beach returns to the birds.

closed signs, ready for tomorrow

Today, people were welcome to walk on the beach. I knew I needed a beach walk today at one of my favorite wandering spots.

The tide was coming in as I walked on the wet sand. Somehow I managed to keep my feet out of the water, although my timing was a bit off a couple of times. I don't mind wet feet during summer walks by the ocean, but temperatures in the mid 40s this afternoon convinced me that dry feet were better than cold and wet.

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

driftwood on the beach

More photos from today's wander at Parker River (plus some shots from the bridge to Plum Island) are available in the gallery Parker River - 2012 starting with this photo and ending here.