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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

To the airport

Denise & I woke up really early this morning. Our flight was at 6:55 AM, and Denise thought it might be a good idea to leave herself some extra time to find the airport. It's a good thing she did that or we might still be on the ground!

Oh! I just looked out of the window. We're just above a layer of bright white clouds with visible ground beyond the edges. Very pretty.

But back to our airport adventures... Denise looked at a map, then she decided to print directions from Google Maps. Somehow she didn't realize that the turn towards the airport just after we exited from I-10 was backwards. So we headed toward the airport on I-10, exited, turned left (following the directions), and drove the equivalent of two exits on the freeway backwards! No, the car moving in a forward direction, but the direction was backwards! Luckily there was a gas station that was open, so Denise stopped to ask directions. Yikes! We needed to go west again, turning the right way this time. At the airport we followed the signs for the rental car return. And you know what? The last sign we saw was leading out of the airport. There should have been another sign signaling a right turn into the return area, but there wasn't anything visible. We passed the turn, then Denise turned around again. Luckily the sign was easy to see coming from the other direction. It's funny, the person checking us in said that other customers had complained about the lack of signs. He also said when the workers passed that on to the people in charge of signs they said there wasn't a problem. Huh?

The Palm Springs airport is small, quiet, calm, and hidden in plain sight. Denise said she expected to see signs to help her find the airport. I saw two signs - both within a block of the airport. That's really silly, isn't it?

We're on our first airplane right now, heading to Dallas. I told Denise she should take a nap because she really didn't get enough sleep last night. She doesn't seem to be listening though. Maybe later...

--- Rover

Posted from the air, just east of Palm Srpings