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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to the Salton Sea

Today was a day in two pieces - a morning garden wander, and an afternoon shared (re)visit to the Salton Sea.

I started with a visit to the Moorten Botanical Garden. It's the home of many different varieties of cactus and desert plants. When I arrived just after 10 for a 10 AM opening, it was still closed. As I was peering through the gate the owner was walking by. I asked if the garden was open today and received a "yes, I'm just moving slowly today". I walked the garden paths twice, absorbing the many different looks of cactus. I saw remnants of water and sprinklers, so I asked if the spiky plants are watered. The answer? Yes; many of the cactus in the garden were not local to this desert. They are watered twice a week. Very interesting.

The afternoon was spent with a "meet in person for the first time" friend. After tossing around some local to Palm Springs photo locations we decided to head to the Salton Sea. We traversed the east side of the lake, stopping at several pieces of the Salton Sea State Recreation Area, wandering in other abandoned-feeling places too. A few clouds dropped in just in time for a spectacular sunset.

Thanks for sharing my day Lori Carey!

Tomorrow? It's a two plane travel day with an early start.