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Monday, February 20, 2012

Birds, birds, birds!

It was a sunny brisk day, good weather for a Monday holiday. I felt the urge to walk on the beach at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. After checking the tide charts I decided on an afternoon visit, arriving at the midpoint between high and low tide.

A walk, listening to crashing waves, highlighted by the birds...

The water on the inland side of the refuge was teeming with birds, paddling, fishing, floating. As I walked the boardwalk over the dunes to the ocean side I was hoping to share the beach with some birds, and oh! my wish came true. There was a large flock of sanderlings, such funny birds! I really wish I knew how they communicated with each other. They always seem to be running together, stopping, eating, turning, running, flying.

sanderlings at Parker River, flying, standing, running

sanderlings at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

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