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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maudslay afternoon

It was a blue skies crisp kind of day, a good day for a walk in the woods. I headed to Maudslay State Park for what I'm sure will be the first of many visits this year. It's funny, I only discovered this park at the end of May last year. There were still flowers blooming, but the early spring bloom was already gone. I'm looking forward to spring at Maudslay this year.

I think this would be a wonderful place for snowshoeing, but this winter's lack of the white stuff has not allowed for snowshoeing. No complaints though, I'm happy to be walking on bare ground. I suspect there will be some time in the spring when walking there will be somewhat difficult; there was a bit of mud today, and I think that will be worse with spring rains.

Walking in the woods was so peaceful. There were sections where I was walking alone, sections where I saw other people (and dogs!). Even when I was alone there were sounds in the woods, birds scurrying through the leaves (on the ground), the sound of the wind. There was water and ice and reflections too.

walking in the woods, Maudslay State Park

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