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Friday, January 06, 2012


I think I was lucky; I learned from a young age to look beyond the surface, to see. My mother is an artist, and I'm sure that it was her influence that taught me to appreciate the things around me. It's funny, we had a very recent conversation about that, and today the topic jumped at me once again.

I posted the photo below on Google+ for the theme "Four Seasons Friday", sharing a photo showing off the current season. I chose this photo even though it is from last year, choosing to interpret "current season" as winter. To me that says snow. My photo was accompanied by the text

The ground here is still bare, so I've grabbed this winter photo from the 2011 winter season. This was a magic day... the ground was covered with snow, the air went from totally socked in with fog to a light ground fog. I was very glad I had a camera with me on my morning walk.
I got an almost immediate response from +Gib Goff, another google+ participant:
I guess I'll never understand how creatives can go for a simple walk and see such beauty, while others scowl and never see past their noses. Do they not see it, or just not realize it?

Sometimes I wish I was bionic with a little itsy bitsy camera mounted in my eye - for that split second when I see that one, beautiful shot. Then snap, it's captured, to share.
I can't tell you how many times I wished for the same thing! Sometimes I can capture an image to share, sometimes it is captured as a memory.

What about you? Do you see the world around you?

Thanks Mom, for teaching me to see!

Winter's bare branches with the added magic of ground fog