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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Google+, Plus Extract, and...

I've been playing on (or maybe I should say participating in) google+ since the end of July. There are days when I post, days when I look, days when I interact with other photographers.

I usually check the daily top G+ photos published on's Plus Extract page each day. I've discovered some of the people I follow on Google+ via the daily tops. Out of each set of tops I find that only a subset appeal to me - but that's the nature of art, isn't it? It's worth checking the Plus Extract archives - if you're interested the selection for each of the last twelve days can be seen by clicking on the date on this page.

Another feature of Plus Extract is that I can request an extract of my personal top photos published on Google+ over the last two weeks. I've added a link to my personal "google+ tops" to the sidebar of my blog. To view the personal Tops that I requested covering January 9th through the 23rd, click here.

I think I'll keep playing on g+.