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Friday, January 27, 2012

Just a bit further...

We landed in Palm Springs in sunshine and warmth. The temperature was comfy, in the 70s. Denise was surprised that the airport is an open air place. There are pieces of buildings, but the secured central area is open to the outside air. Very cool.

Denise picked up the rental car, went out to the lot and turned right around to ask for a different car. Funny thing is, apparently Denise is the second person today who didn't want that particular car. I though it was a nice car but Denise said it was too big. The person at the Hertz counter thought maybe they had misclassified the car class; it just didn't feel like a mid-sized car. We got a Volkswagen Jetta instead. That works quite nicely, and Denise had a conversation about photography with two of the people working at Hertz while they were finding us a better car.

We headed north and a little bit west before turning east to head towards Joshua Tree. Just before we got to I-10 there were lots and lots of windmills. I just went looking for information and found a web page titled Palm Springs wind energy. The web page says that there are more than are 4000 windmills in the wind farm on the San Gorgonio Mountain Pass in the San Bernadino Mountains. Wow!

We ended our day in Twentynine Palms. Tonight should be an early sleep night. Tomorrow? We'll be wandering in Joshua Tree National Park.

--- Rover