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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Water, water everywhere

The sky was gray, the ground was dry. I headed to New Hampshire to wander along the coast.

I drove under still gray skies, but as I reached the coast and continued to the north and east I could see a line of white clouds on the horizon. Before I reached blue sky and white clouds I saw seaweed on top of the sea wall, strewn across the road. The ocean must have been wild to see over the last few days...

There were large swatches of land that normally wear tall grasses that were under water. I spoke to someone who lives not far from the coast; he said that the grass just started popping up from beneath the water.

The photos here are of spots on the land side of the coastal road (route 1A), places that usually sport tall grass not water.

water on the non-ocean side of the road

water where there should be sea grass

More photos from today can be seen in the gallery New Hampshire's short coastline - 2010.