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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Organized chaos

Have you been watching the Olympics at all?

My eyes were glued to the action, fascinated by the activity on the ice as I watched the final of the men's short track speed skating 5000 meter relay last night. I found the opening paragraph of this article in The Epoch Times to be a good description:

"Compound the craziness of short track speed skating with relay-style rotation of skaters right in the middle of the track, and you get the short track relay."
There were 5 teams of 4 on the ice, with the active racers on the outside of the track and the soon to be next racers positioning themselves in front of their racing teammate to get a big push, becoming the next active racer on the team. A push, not a simple tap, a hard push.

Fast, constant movement, passing, crash avoidance, organized chaos...