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Monday, February 01, 2010

Pele's breath

As I was close to reaching the high point on Chain of Craters road on my journey back from the sea, I looked to the left to see steam rising.

Curious, I headed to the steam vents on Crater Rim Drive. Oh! It definitely wasn't my imagination! Pele was putting on quite a (steam) show this afternoon. Steam rising, overpowering, hiding the scenery. A truly eerie look.

vog, mist, crater rim drive, hawaii volcanoes national park

An after-dark visit to the observation area behind the Jagger Museum gave me my first glimpse of light coming from Halema`uma`u. The glow was subtle, a slight light obscured by VOG. I have a feeling I'll head over there tomorrow night to see if Pele is kind enough to share her bright light.