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Monday, February 08, 2010


A Hawaii memory, a name I needed to find...

One day last week I was wandering not too far from Sulphur Banks when I saw a boy and his grandfather looking at something along the side of the trail. I stopped to chat, and to see what they saw.


There was a small plant, something that was low enough to be classified as ground-cover. If you touched the open leaves they curled up, changing from a stem with leaves splaying to the sides to a rolled stick-like form. Wait long enough, and the leaves uncurled again.

I just did a quick search using the words plant leaves fold on touch. Ah, the power of a Google search... I quickly found the name of the plant. Curious? Click to read about the Mimosa pudica, also known as Sensitive plant.

It was hard to get a decent photo since the plants were waving in the wind. But sometimes something with a bit of blur is better than nothing at all.

Mimosa pudica (Sensitive Plant)