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Friday, February 26, 2010


What an interesting weather week.

Wednesday's prediction was for snow with the depths decreasing as the storm moved closer to the coast. I checked the forecast in the morning and decided that it was a good day to work at home. The roads were a bit of a mess early in the day. Later? All rain...

Rainfall for Wednesday? Two inches of water fell from the sky over my house, but in central and western Massachusetts there were places where 20 inches of snow fell before it turned to rain. Yikes.

The prediction for Thursday was for more rain. The morning was gray, with fog and light rain. The prize came late in the day, heavy rain, another 2 1/2 inches of water accompanied by high winds, whipping winds topping out at 61 miles per hour (in the town next to mine).

Time for sleep. A beep! followed by quiet...

Uh oh. That slight beep was the smoke detector switching from electricity to battery power. 11PM, no power. I fell back to sleep hoping that the power would reappear before morning.

The power was still off when I left for work. It was still off when I returned home this evening. I pulled out some candles, intending to stay in my chilly dark home. The phone rang. I picked it up to hear a recorded call from the electric company, stating that they were working on restoring power to thousands of customers, that it could take several days. Hmmm.... I really was going to stay home, but that call threw me over the edge. I called some good friends and invited myself to bunk in their spare bedroom for the night. Lights and warmth sounded more appealing than sitting at home in the dark.

I just checked the National Grid web site, and it looks like power has been restored. Ah, tomorrow, warmth at home again. Phew! Do you think I helped the power company fix the problem faster by leaving for the night?