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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oops... wet!

It was supposed to be a riding day. While the weather for most of the week consisted of late day pop-up thunderstorms, today that was supposed to wait until after dark.

But the weather wizard was busy. Changing, changing weather...

I arrived home after work to a light sky if I was looking in one direction, and a very dark sky if I turned around and looked the other way. Hmmm... should I ride? or walk? My decision? Walk!

At the turnaround point of my almost-4-mile walk, the rain started. It was light at first. And then... Waves of water pelted down, bands of raindrops visible as the wind blew. Rivers flowed down the edges of the pavement.

It was a walk that reminded me of the kindness of strangers. A woman in a car with a young child stopped and offered me a ride. I thanked her, but opted to keep walking. A bit later, I passed a house where a woman was standing on her porch with her two young daughters. I smiled at them and waved. In response, the woman asked if I was all right, offering shelter. I kept walking.

I was very wet. And I was laughing!

It was in the mid-80s when I started my walk, and I left the house without a rain coat or hat. I have both, and both would have been useful on this walk. The air was warm, but oh! the water was cold!

I did choose to walk in my very comforable (and washable) Chaco sandals instead of my normal walking running shoes. So my feet were quite happy, and I had no trashed shoes to deal with when I "dripped" into the house.