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Friday, August 25, 2006


Alarm buzzing, morning routine, waking to the sound of heavy rain...

My bicycle was hoping that today would be a commute to work by bike day. She took a rest day yesterday, and she was sure today would be a good riding day. After all, at the beginning of the week the weather forecast showed days of sunshine and dry pavement. Yes, I know, I shouldn't believe the forecast. I was hoping, but clearly the weather wizard had different ideas than the forecasters, presenting this area with heavy rain today.

As I drove to work, I passed one bicycle commuter who apparently decided to ignore the water falling from the sky. He didn't look too happy, and I know that I wouldn't be either if I were out there on two wheels this morning.

What I really need is a bubble for me and my bike. Goal - to be able to ride in the rain and stay dry, and to protect my bike from all of the wet road "gunk" that totally trashes the bike within minutes. Ah, dream on...

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