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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dark morning sky

Alarm buzzing, morning shock... When my alarm woke me just before 5 o'clock this morning, I was sure that the time showing on my clock was wrong. How can it be 4:50AM when it's still totally dark outside?

Yes, I know I complained about this just two short weeks ago, but as the sunrise creeps to later times the realization that the days are getting shorter still continues to surprise.
I guess I'll just have to enjoy my remaining commute-by-bike days as this month draws to a close. With my upcoming September wander to Nova Scotia, my cycling focus will change a bit. And when I return from vacation, I'll be back to no-commute riding. I hope to ride on the weekends through the end of the year, and I'll try for late afternoon rides as long as the daylight supports them. Based on previous experience, I'll adjust somehow...

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