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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Racing? Playing!

Heading to work, bicycle wheels rolling down the road on a cool morning, sun rising higher in the sky, uninterrupted blue...

Relative quiet (discounting the passing cars, of course) interrupted by chittering sounds. My eyes seek the source of the sounds, curious, plus hoping to avoid a road encounter with the little animals who are carrying on the conversation. Ah, no road incursion this time - a squirrel and a chipmunk are busy chasing each other up and down and around a tree trunk. A funny morning sight...

And yes, I'm very glad that they decided to stay out of the road. The suicide games of these little animals have always scared me since my assumption is that if I hit one with my bike that I will probably hit the ground hard in addition to hurting or killing the cause of my fall. After all, I'm a lot heavier than they are!

I remember once many years ago when a chipmunk decided to play suicide games with my bike. I was riding down a very quiet road next to a lake when a chipmunk ran into the road. He crossed in front of my bike, then turned, looked at me, and ran in front of me once again. The next time - he ran between my wheels! I guess it's a very good thing that I was able to maintain my speed and direction; the accident that was waiting to happen didn't.

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