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Friday, May 08, 2015

to Schoodic

I wasn't sure where we were going to wander today. Denise always needs to visit the Schoodic Peninsula; I thought we might be going there tomorrow. But - we went today!

Our day started with a drive back to the mainland and a turn onto route 1 north (which I think looks like it is heading east!) to head to the next peninsula. Then we followed a 2-lane road to the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula where we hopped out of the car to wander on the rocks.

I did a little bit of bouncing on the rocks but then I jumped back into Denise's camera bag to keep Blue company. It was kind of chilly with the temperature in the high 40s and the wind was howling. I was afraid I would get blown away - and the camera bag was nice and toasty. Blue and I both popped our heads out so we could kind of explore from Denise's back.

Denise was surprised that some of the pools of water on the rocks were much smaller than they were the last time we visited. These pools are no where near where the tide reaches. I've always wondered where the water comes from if it's not the ocean. Or... maybe it is, maybe sometimes the tide is really, really high.

It was a good Schoodic wander.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat, then headed back into the park on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island. We walked a little, wandering down some short trails, then checking the water that lives behind Sand Beach. It was a quiet wandering day for us, a good day.

--- Rover

water, rocks, and clouds, on the Schoodic Peninsula
clouds, rocks, and water, at the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula