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Saturday, May 09, 2015

a foggy day

Fog dropped over the area early this morning, covering the coast and hiding the views. That meant that our hiking destination changed (again). Denise said that she didn't want to get to the top of Gorham Mountain and not be able to see anything except fog - so we wandered in other places.

Just after we left the B&B this morning to drive to the starting point for a hike I could see drops of water on the windshield. I think it was just light rain but I suppose it could have been droplets coming out of the fog. What do you think?

We started our day with a walk by "little" Long Pond just west of Seal Harbor. It was a quiet spot, a pleasant walk.

Next stop was the Great Head Trail. I thought we had to start this trail from Sand Beach after crossing water running from the pools behind the beach. It turns out there is a parking lot and trail head for the trail not far from the Schooner Point parking lot. That's where we started our walk. We followed the trail in a counterclockwise direction. The first half of the trail included some rock hopping - but going up and back down again too. I think it's fun bouncing up and down the big rocks on the trail but Denise isn't always sure about that. She was good, even though there were a couple of times when I had to point out the best path to her. It was really foggy... I'm going to try to convince Denise to repeat part of the trail so we can see the view. I think we can do the trail as an out-and-back from the parking area; if we walk in a clockwise direction it will mostly be on a trail without too many rocks to bounce over.

Denise said we needed to stop at Sand Beach again. She wanted to see that really pretty area behind the beach in the fog. We could see the trees that live close to the beach but the mountains disappeared.

The fog stayed for the entire time we were on the coast. When we turned toward the inside of the island it disappeared.

Seeing places in the fog is pure magic.

--- Rover

behind Sand Beach, trees stand in the fog