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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Stonington morning

this morning we headed off island, driving down the next peninsula to the west of here, crossing a very narrow and high bridge to Deer Isle, and continuing to the end of a road in Stonington. It was foggy on the edges of Mount Desert Island, on parts of the drive, and again in Stonington. The fog never lifted at the tip of the island, creating a magic place to walk.

There were few places where it was possible to get close to the water. I thought one of the places that Denise decided to walk might be a bit slippery; the rocks were surrounded by mud and seaweed and the surface looked wet. Wet can be just water or it can be slimy slippery stuff. Denise was careful where she put her feet so she managed to stay upright. I chose to ride in the camera bag for the wet spots of our wander. I like my red feet to stay red, not muddy!

It's funny, I've grown so used to wandering in the fog that I was really surprised when we moved under blue skies just a short time after leaving Stonington.

There were a couple of "must stop" spots on the way back. Sometimes Denise just needs to jump out of the car with her camera to play for a bit.

After we returned to our island home I suggested that we bounce along part of the Great Head Trail again. After all the landscape was obscured by fog yesterday; today we enjoyed the scenery.

--- Rover

a foggy morning in Stoningon