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Tuesday, May 05, 2015


I think I've finally convinced Denise she needs a couple of slow (or no) exercise days. After all we are heading to Acadia soon and I think she should be well rested so she can enjoy bouncing around the park. Her feet kept moving and moving over the weekend - she walked 8 miles on Saturday and 9 on Sunday. I think that's a lot, don't you? Today was just a 3-mile day; if I have any influence tomorrow should be a shorter day too. We'll see.

I volunteered to write our blog entries during our quick wander in Maine. I always intend to jump in with guest posts on Denise's blog when we're not traveling but somehow that doesn't seem to happen. As long as I can be the official author during our travels I'm happy!

This will be an early season long weekend trip with cool-ish temperatures predicted along with the possibility of some water falling from the sky. Acadia is beautiful in any weather, and Denise really likes interesting clouds - no matter what the weather wizard brings I'm sure she'll be happy.

We're going to stay at Evin's Holland Inn. I'm always happy to stay there; breakfasts are wonderful and all of the rooms have a resident being (like me) so we can gossip and catch up on interesting places to wander.


--- Rover
Rover and Blue on the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park
me and my friend Blue
on the rocks of the Schoodic Peninsula