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Saturday, May 02, 2015


I received an email from Tower Hill Botanic Garden a few days ago with a message that the daffodil field is in full bloom. That was a signal to me that it was time for a visit.

A big field full of different varieties of daffodils is pretty amazing to see.

a field full of daffodils

There was twine strung along the edge of the field with occasional signs warning of poison ivy and ticks in the daffodils. I wonder if the signed dangers are real or if it was just a way to keep people from tramping through the flowers.

Caution! Poison Ivy and Ticks share the fields with the Daffodils.

I stood and looked over the field of flowers.
I sat on the ground at flower level, getting a little closer.
I enjoyed the daffodils!


The Tower Hill web site includes this description of the marvelous field of daffodils:

Tower Hill is home to numerous collections of plants, but with the return of spring, the flowering bulbs are among the most loved. Over the years, volunteers and staff members have continually added daffodil bulbs to a large field to the east of the Systematic Garden, and overlooking the Wildlife Refuge Pond. When this field of more than 25,000 daffodils comes into bloom in late April, it is a dramatic sight to behold, and many flock to the garden to experience this "field of gold" and take photographs.