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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Today was a day of trespassing in Acadia National Park. The park is still closed, with roads and parking lots blocked off. Instead of being neatly tucked into parking lots there were many places on the island with lines of cars parked next to the road. Evin told me that the head ranger was at a big town meeting about the park closure. He pretty much said that they wouldn't both anyone hiking or biking in the park. The roads are blocked, but there are many people enjoying the park.

I started from the Holland Inn this morning, walking via part of the Great Meadow Loop to the Jessup Path and the on to The Tarn. I walked back along route 3 after a walk on the Compass Harbor Trail.

My next stop required driving. There is a "beach" made up of rounded rocks that I like. Unfortunately the only access is from the closed Park Loop Road. When I mentioned it to Evin she thought I was talking about Hunter's Beach, telling me where to find an outside of the park path to walk in to the park and beach. It turns out that this beach had big rounded rocks, not the small rounded rocks of the beach I was thinking of. I really like the small rocks because they make a very interesting sound as they roll in the waves. I guess I'll need to wait for another visit to get back there. For today, Hunter's Beach was a good spot for a visit.

I out a short way on the Canon Brook Trail, stopping when I reached a small lake and saw the reflections of orange and yellow leaves in the water. Fabulous!

It was a good day to trespass in a closed Acadia. I'd be happier if the park was open, but being able to walk in to the park works.

reflections in little Tarn Lake, Acadia National Park