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Monday, October 14, 2013

in the park

Today's post will be a bit abbreviated since my baby computer has decided not to connect to the web; I'm typing this on my phone! I suspected it was getting close to time for a replacement, soon...

oh! I saw that Denise was having problems connecting so I jumped in to help. It took me a few tries but I was finally able to connect while she was busy typing on her phone.
--- Rover

It was another good day, starting with doing the Gorham Mountain trail as a loop, walking back to the car along the very rocky coastline. I saw only 6 other people on the trail although there were quite a few folks walking along the coast.

Next stop was Northeast Harbor where I was delighted to find flowers still in bloom in Thuya Gardens. A bit of color always makes me happy.

no parking between signs

My feet told me they were tired but I needed to make one more stop, at Eagle Lake. I joined many other people parking along the road in between the "No parking between signs" signs. That's what happens when the parking lots are closed.

I plan to walk in Acadia again in the morning before heading for home.

rocks and rocks, along Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park