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Saturday, October 12, 2013

to the end

Today's destination was Stonington. We traveled down the Blue Hill Peninsula, crossed a very steep and narrow bridge to Deer Isle, and kept going until we hit the other end of the island.

You know about Denise and bridges, right? She really wanted to walk across the bridge so she could take pictures of the bridge structure but it didn't feel safe. The bridge had two very narrow driving lanes and no sidewalk; we stayed in the car.

It was chilly this morning and the sky was wearing a bit of gray. Blue pushed in later but the morning gray was interesting too. There were lots of boats moored in Stonington, a few moving on the water too. We walked near the water, sometimes at water level, sometimes high on docks. It was a good wander in a small town.

We headed back up the island, leaving the car on the north side of the causeway linking Little Deer isle to Deer Isle. Denise walked along the causeway enjoying the water views on both sides of the road. Oh, I was with her - I decided to ride in her camera bag instead of bouncing myself. Sometimes riding feels like the right thing to do!

The coast of Maine is very jagged. That meant we had to drive up the peninsula for quite a while before we could head back to Ellsworth to turn back out towards Mount Desert Island. Denise meant to repeat our drive from this morning but she missed a turn after we came off of the island. Oops! Once she realized that we were on a different road she decided to stop and ask someone. The road numbers were very confusing! The road we were on took us almost to Bucksport before we found route 3 again to head back to Ellsworth. This morning we were on roads that were close to the eastern side of the peninsula; the roads we followed back were on the west side. The land around us was beautiful so the slight detour was just fine.

Tomorrow? I think we're going to walk into Acadia, somewhere.

--- Rover
Stonington, Maine
Stonington, Deer Isle, Maine

at Scott's Landing preserve, Deer Isle, Maine
at the entrance to Scott's Landing preserve, Deer Isle, Maine