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Thursday, October 10, 2013

heading east

It's almost time for Denise and I to head out on a short wander. Denise is working until the middle of the afternoon tomorrow and then we're off!

We had intended to play in Acadia National Park but with the government shutdown the national parks are all closed; I guess that means we will need to find some new places to visit.

I really wanted to bounce on the rocks at the Schoodic Peninsula but Denise said she is sure that the road is closed. I'd bet we walk in the park somewhere though. We don't need to walk through the main gate to get access to trails in the park since they are all over the island.

I just found this article in the Waterville Morning Sentinel about park rangers at Acadia issuing $100 fines. Ouch! But I read all of the words and it sounds like the rangers aren't fining people who are walking or bicycling; it's people on motorized vehicles who are attracting their attention.

I think we'll find some places where we can walk into Acadia, and I'm sure we'll get to some new-to-us places too.

dreaming of travel!

Guess what! Denise decided I needed my own photo gallery! Now if you want to see me posing in some beautiful places you can jump to the gallery portraits of Rover.

--- Rover