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Thursday, August 08, 2013


It's not often I get a chance to walk down the center of a road without dodging motor vehicles; I grabbed that opportunity today. The opening ceremony for the new Memorial Bridge joining Portsmouth and Kittery was this morning. Immediately following the ceremony the bridge was opened to pedestrians and cyclists. When I chatted with someone from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation he said they were considering waiting until overnight to open the bridge to motor vehicles.

As I was returning across the center span the "bridge is going to raise" horns sounded. The DOT staff on the bridge pushed us to move off of the center span. And hey! I was very lucky. I was among the last people to move beyond the space where the safety barriers would drop so I had a front row view of the span raising.

waiting for the center span to start raising

lifting, center span just above stationary surface


center span fully lifted

More photos from today's bridge visit can be viewed in the gallery Rebuilding a bridge, Portsmouth - Kittery starting with this photo and ending here.

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