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Thursday, August 29, 2013

an almost oops

The airport in Boston was just nutty this afternoon. First the security line snaked and snaked around. It took a good 45 minutes to get through that line; I guess it's a really good thing that Denise doesn't like to cut airport arrivals too short.

We jumped into line to board our plane. We had an aisle seat reserved which is a good thing for "on the plane" but almost turned out to be a bad thing for Denise's camera. The plane was boarded in a different order; it must be a United Airlines thing. It kind of makes sense though... First the people who paid lots of money for first class seats boarded, then the people who had high status in the frequent flyers program. The next three groups were the window seats followed by the middle seats followed by the aisle seats. That meant we were almost last. And uh oh! before they finished the aisle seat boarding there was an announcement that the overhead bins were full. That's not good because Denise really didn't want to check her backpack which is where her camera and lenses live. She was very lucky - the head flight attendant managed to find a narrow spot in a bin near the front of the plane where the camera bag fit. Phew! I did remind Denise that if we didn't find a spot that she could pull the inner compartment where the camera lives out of the pack - that is a square-ish boxy container that would fit under her seat. She said she'll try to remember that the next time this happens (but hopefully it won't).

The plane took off almost on time even after the delay in boarding. Now we're about halfway between Boston and Denver. I think we have about an hour and a half between flights, and when Denise looked at the seating map for the next plane she saw lots of empty spaces. Hopefully there won't be a bin / bag problem on that flight because we're in an aisle seat so we'll be last to board again.

Oh! A flight attendant just walked down the aisle dangling a shoe from his hand! It was in the middle of the aisle and he was trying to find the owner. He walked up and down with it a few times. I wonder if the shoe's owner was sleeping and didn't even know it was missing.

--- Rover