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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ebook review :: Landscapes in Lightroom 5

When I bought a new computer last month I also upgraded the copy of Lightroom that I was using. I was still using Lightroom 3 on my old computer. In the time since I purchased that copy of Lightroom version 4 and then version 5 were released. I had a new computer, now it was time for a new version of Lightroom.

I installed Lightroom 5, opened it, and quickly realized that the world had changed. My first stop to find what appeared to be a missing slider was a web search. I found an answer, applied it, and then remembered that I had seen an email from Michael Frye about his new ebook "Landscapes in Lightroom 5: The Essential Step-by-step Guide". I quickly went through my emails to find the subject of my memory, clicked to Michael's blog page and purchased the ebook.

I was delighted with the information I found when I started reading. The differences between LR3 and LR5 were clearly described, starting by answering my questions about where the old sliders went to and moving on to explaining the controls in depth. Video tutorials placed amid the text allowed me to see the effects of editing.

One big plus took this ebook beyond a reading exercise. Six examples were included, each with explanations of why the edits were done, video tutorials, and a big plus, copies of Michael's images so that I could move through the steps in Lightroom to see the changes that Michael made in his editing process. The ability to play with the same raw images that were used in the examples is awesome; it definitely enhanced the learning experience.

I highly recommend this ebook!

Landscapes in Lightroom 5, by Michael Frye

For your own copy, click to Michael Frye's announcement and purchase page, My New eBook is Now Available!