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Friday, August 30, 2013

a good first day

It was a good first day of wandering, one that worked with my lower than usual energy level due to travel, a planned late arrival, and not enough sleep! It was a driving day, a walking day, and an absorbing my surroundings day.

The terrain quickly changed as I drove west, from flat fields outside of Calgary to folded terrain to mountains.

I walked in the Lake Minnewanka area, starting with a small pool just off of the highway (the subject of the "photo by phone" below) and moving on to the larger Lake Minnewanka. The sky went from blue with clouds to filled with rain clouds to blue, to gray to blue once more. Luckily there were picnic shelters scattered through that area; lI spent about 45 minutes sharing a shelter and conversation with 3 other people who were also not interested in getting soaked by the rain.

Cascade Ponds in Banff National Park, mountains reflecting

I was fascinated by the base of an information sign at one stop. It was a metal base with a design cut into the panel allowing the lake and mountains behind the black sign to become part of the sign.

looking through a sign at Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park

I ended my day at my home away from home, the Canadian Artisans B&B in Canmore. It's just a short walk through the woods to get to the Bow River and hiking trails, my room is lovely, and Valerie & Bob (the owners) are wonderful.

I walked to dinner in a light rain that stopped quickly, painting the sky in a full rainbow.