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Monday, August 26, 2013

almost time to travel!

Oh! I'm so excited! Denise & I will be heading to a new to me wandering location in just a few more days.

While Denise is at work I've been helping to organize things so Denise won't forget to pack anything important. I found some maps of the parks and I even found some money from Canada. Denise thought she had changed those dollars back into US dollars after we returned from Newfoundland two years ago; I think she just forgot. She laughed when I told her I found some spending money for our trip.

Our flight is due to arrive in Calgary late at night and we have an early flight when we head home so we're staying near the airport both nights. I think that makes sense since I'm not big enough to help with the driving; I can only navigate. We'll be staying in a "regular" hotel those nights since they are really travel convenience nights. It's the B&B that will be our home in Canmore that I really want to see. That sounds like it's going to be a good place to stay.

Denise said this is going to be a wandering without planning trip but I think a bit of thinking about places to see would be a good thing. I've been building a list of lakes we might visit and looking at trail reports on the Parks Canada web site. Uh-oh! there are some trails where the report says:

"Grizzly bears in the area: All hiking parties MUST travel in a minimum group size of four!"

I guess we won't be walking on those trails!

--- Rover
Rover on Trail Ridge Road

Here's a shot of me from one of our wanders from last year,
high on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.