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Sunday, June 30, 2013

from mist to sunshine

Denise woke up really early this morning, at 5 AM. Wow! I made sure she didn't fall back to sleep since I really wanted to bounce along the water somewhere. I suggested that we head to Fort Foster in Kittery Point, Maine - and Denise said she thought that was a good idea.

The park wasn't open yet when we arrived so Denise parked along the road outside of the gate (that's where she parks for off-season visits to the park). Denise had to duck under that gate but I could bounce right under it. We stopped so she could take my picture when we got to the water.

Rover at Fort Foster, Kittery Point, ME

There was a kind of a low mist when we first arrived. It burned off pretty quickly; then we could see blue in the sky. There were other people walking, lots of dogs too. I think everyone really likes this park.

It was a nice morning to walk by the sea.

lighthouse visible from Fort Foster Park in Kittery Point, Maine

shimmering water, reflecting the blue of the sky

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--- Rover