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Friday, June 21, 2013

bridge (still) closed

I've been checking the Memorial Bridge website on a regular basis to see the bridge news, to keep in the loop when the opening date is announced. I was surprised this morning (although I'm not sure why) to see a post about misbehaving humans. Even though both ends of the bridge are surrounded by chain link fence and strong no trespassing signs some people apparently think the signs don't apply to them.

Reading and understanding are qualities that should rank high in importance for all of us.


Please help us spread the word – the Memorial Bridge is not open to pedestrians or bicyclists. The bridge and surrounding area is a very active construction site.

Archer Western Contractors is reporting that some bicyclists and pedestrians believe that the Memorial Bridge is now open and are entering the construction site trying to pass through. These people are being escorted out of the area by the bridge workers.

The bridge will not be open to anyone until mid to late July. Please help us spread the word.

warning from the News section of the Memorial Bridge site.

Please help spread the word to anyone you know who plans to wander in the area: this bridge is closed!

under construction
really? does this bridge look like it's open?