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Saturday, June 29, 2013

a walk in the woods

What a funny forecast day. The weather wizard was calling for a pretty high probability for heavy rain today so I figured I'd decide on outdoor activity as the day unrolled.

It was gray but dry when I woke up. I took a chance and headed out on my bike for a morning ride. About 1/3 of the way through my planned loop it started sprinkling. The sprinkles turned into light rain and back into sprinkles. I briefly though about turning around but then I figured that I would just live with getting wet. Luck stayed with me and the sprinkles stuck around for the rest of my ride, no heavy rain.

The sky changed to blue, the wind started blowing... I knew I wanted to wander a bit and I felt like something a little different. I didn't have to think too long when I realized that the Ward Reservation is just a couple of miles from home. I haven't visited there in a while - decision made!

As I walked through the woods the light kept changing. One minute the sun was streaming through the trees, shining directly on the ferns. The next minute the light grew dimmer. A little bit later the sun streams reappeared.

bright green ferns highlight tree trunks