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Monday, June 10, 2013

a quarry and the ocean

Oh! Yesterday I convinced Denise we should head to Rockport to wander at Halibut Point State Park. It's funny, the park isn't that far away but it's in a location where it makes more sense (to Denise, at least) to use little roads to get there instead of highways. We discovered that while taking highways to get there is a little further than using the little roads, it actually takes the same amount of time. We usually take the little roads.

It was a day when the blue sky was decorated with white clouds. When we walked in to the quarry we found that it was a good reflection day. Denise even took a photo of me standing on the edge of the quarry (in front of the wonderful reflection).

Rover at Halibut Point

We followed the path around the quarry and then headed downhill towards the ocean. I had a good time jumping on the rocks by the coast. Denise was careful to put her feet only on dry rocks because she thought the wet ones might be slippery. I wasn't as careful because I'm closer to the ground than she is so I figured if I slipped I wouldn't fall too far. No slipping though...

It was a very good wander!

--- Rover
reflections, at Halibut Point State Park

people, watching the ocean

Denise told me I should let you know where to find more photos from yesterday's wander. They are in a gallery named Halibut Point - 2013, starting here and ending with this photo.