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Friday, October 19, 2012

Schoodic morning

Knowing that a (wet) change in the weather was predicted for tonight and tomorrow I thought today called for a dry weather visit to the Schoodic Peninsula.

It's one of my favorite parts of Acadia, a place to wander across tilted rocks, granite wearing shades of red with black diorite dikes. The sky this morning wore shades of gray, a good contrast to the ocean waters and the colors of the rocks.

It was a good Schoodic visit, a time of walking, of listening to the ocean crash against the rocks. I chatted with some sea gulls as they splashed in pools of water. After leaving the easy to walk on rocks I stopped at a couple of "beaches" made of rounded stones. I much prefer walking on solid rocks; the cobbles shift as you walk across them. I was fascinated to hear the sound of the cobbles as they were tossed by the waves.

It was after 2 by the time I got back to Mount Desert Island, clouds gathering on the mountain tops. I headed around Park Loop Road to see what kind of magic the light was throwing across the park. My first stop was at a still lake showing reflections of bright trees. The gray of the sky seemed to make the colors brighter. Next I stopped at Sand Beach to watch the waves rolling in and to check the water behind the beach. The water was much higher than yesterday morning and the gray sky gave it a different look than yesterday's blue.

My last park stop today was at Jordan Pond which wore a very magic look from a combination of lowering clouds, late day light, and splashes of yellow leaves. It was beautiful.

Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park
A glimpse of (a piece of) the Schoodic Peninsula, from my visit last May