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Monday, October 22, 2012

a walk and a drive

My morning was filled with simple wanders in Acadia. I started at Sand Beach, checking out my favorite spot behind the beach, then walked along the path on the ocean side of Park Loop Road. I stopped often to wander on the rocks, to listen to the ocean, to look...

Before I left the park I took a quick drive up Cadillac Mountain. The wind at the top of the mountain made it quite difficult to stand still. Movement (in the form of walking) felt more stable than standing still.

The change in colors from when I arrived last week and today was amazing. I was lucky to see what I think were near peak colors during the first two days of my visit. The storm on Saturday pushed the colors and caused a lot of leaves to fly. As I drove north between Ellsworth and Bangor the predominant color on broad-leafed trees was rust, with occasional splashes of yellow.

It was a good Acadia visit. I don't think I'll ever tire of visiting there.

a view behind Sand Beach
from this morning's walk, a view from behind Sand Beach