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Saturday, October 20, 2012

a rainy day

As I expected from the forecast I saw last night, today was a very wet day. There were heavy downpours, periods of light rain or mist, and even some times with almost dry air. I chose to have a quiet day - flipping between relaxing with a book (yes, on my Kindle!) and wandering outside.

My first outside wander was a visit to the Wild Gardens of Acadia and a walk on the Jesup Path. I thought about walking there from my B&B but luckily I asked Evin what she thought first. She warned me that the section of the trail through the Great Meadow was likely to be very wet, puddles or mud. I think her instinct was right based on the amount of water I saw both in the gardens and along the boardwalk of the Jesup Path. There were pieces of walk in the Wild Gardens of Acadia that were interrupted by water, and there were pools of water along the boardwalk.

The sky was gray and the woods were dark. The combination seemed to make the colors really pop!

I was incredibly lucky. My walk in the woods was relatively dry, accented by mist instead of rain. It was the walk from my car back into the B&B that was wet, accompanied by a strong downpour. Good timing...

Curious to see if the top of Cadillac Mountain was above the clouds, I headed up the mountain in the early afternoon. Swirling clouds low on the mountain allowed glimpses of colors, becoming thicker as I climbed higher on the mountain. Nothing was visible at the top other than the thin ribbon of road immediately in front of the car. The air was very wet.

I stopped at two more places for quick walks and a bit of photo play. Bubble Pond was somewhat visible, with water flowing into the pond covering part of the path. Jordan Pond was pure magic with the mountains behind the pond hiding in the mist.

Tomorrow promises a clear sky and a relatively warm day according to the National Weather Service forecast. The moon reappeared this evening, shining from behind a thin veil of clouds, highlighting the few remaining clouds.

Boardwalk, Jessup Path, Acadia National Park
A view of the Jesup Path from my visit in May

Today the path wore very different colors, pools of water covering brightly colored fallen leaves, trees showing brown and yellow...