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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Low tide walk

I felt the pull of the ocean today, the need for a walk on a quiet beach at low tide. There are two beaches that I visit regularly to satisfy my quiet beach needs - the Wells Reserve, and the beach at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The beach at Parker River is off limits until the piping plover breeding season is over, so today was a Wells Refuge day.

Low tide was at 3:19 PM, a late start for me for a Sunday afternoon wander. As I walked through the woods leading to the beach I heard the sound of wind in the trees, of bird song. The ocean provided music as I walked on the beach, crashing, yet quiet.

It was a good day for a beach walk. I'm happy.

Reflections in angles, Wells Reserve

Getting home in the early evening didn't leave me time (today) to sort through all of my photos. I'll post another blog entry when the photos are available for viewing.