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Saturday, July 21, 2012

to Bath!

We were supposed to travel this weekend. Plans changed, and it seemed like it was going to turn into an an at home weekend. Denise was in a bit of a funky mood though; staying home didn't sound like a good idea so I helped her decide on a quick escape.

Where? We're in Bath, Maine. It's not too far from home, but it's far enough not to feel silly to stay overnight.

Our first stop was at the Thorn Head Preserve. Denise thought we'd do a bit of hiking in the woods, heading towards the water. I think we were there about an hour, no water in sight. It felt like there were too many trails without signs - so we were careful not to get confused. It's funny, when we got back to the car Denise overheard a conversation where another hiker said she felt like she kept going in circles. I'm glad it wasn't just Denise and me!

Next we drove up Washington Street in Bath, following the Kennebec River. At one point Denise parked in a lot high above an abandoned site. There were no trespassing signs on the fence along the road but there was actually an entrance that didn't have a sign on it. Denise just hopped over a chain and started walking towards an abandoned dock. She said she wanted some photos. (That didn't really surprise me. You're not surprised either, are you?)

Before we checked into our home for the night we headed to Mae's Cafe and Bakery. It's only open until 3 so Denise picked up something to hold for dinner. She thought the Thai Veggie Wrap sounded good, and I talked her into getting a blondie brownie that was loaded with chocolate chips and coconut.

Food gathered for later, we settled into the Hampton Inn and headed out walking through town. We walked partway across the highway bridge so we could get a good look at the railroad lift bridge next to it, gazing past the bridge to see some ships in the Bath Iron Works. Next we stopped at the Bath visitor center to pick up a map of the Phippsburg Peninsula. The nice woman staffing the desk gave Denise another place to wander tomorrow - she suggested heading to Harpswell, the next peninsula to the south. Oh! That looks really interesting. Tomorrow...

Our last stop on our walk around town was the Markings Gallery. Denise likes wandering through art galleries; this one actually had something she needed to buy. She likes pottery, especially mugs and small bowls. She is really picky about mugs - the handle needs to be comfortable. She found some wonderful mugs made by Nan Kilbourn-Tara. Even I liked the colors, and Denise said they are really comfortable to hold. That was fun!

It was time for food, time to sit for just a little while. And then... We headed to Fort Popham near the end of the Phippsburg Peninsula for a late day walk on the beach.

It was a good day.

--- Rover