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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dreams of wanders

Denise is out on her bike, riding loops inside of loops through places near home. I decided to stay home and write instead of riding with her today.

Remember when I wrote back on February 29th? I was wondering how long it would take Denise to decide on vacation destinations for this year. It was just 5 days after I posted that she decided on one summer trip, a visit to Wyoming in August. I'd like to think that I helped push her into planning. So I'm thinking when she reads this entry that she will jump into planning some other wanders.

Acadia is on our "must visit again" list, but then again Acadia is always on that list. I think we'll probably return there sometime in October. And I think we'll go somewhere in the west late in the year. It's the "in between August and December" time that needs a decision. I thought we were going to go somewhere in Atlantic Canada and then stop in Acadia on our way home. Funny thing is that I've seen Denise checking air fares to some other places, some east of here, some west. Hmm...

I suppose the where doesn't really matter; we always have fun wandering.

--- Rover
Rover in Acadia National Park