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Saturday, February 26, 2011


You didn't mind that Denise wrote this morning's post, did you? She wanted to share the story of the dogs running on the treadmill. And now, it's my turn to write...

It was raining as we entered the park, wet. As the road edged higher, the rain changed to wet snow, intensity changing from light to heavy, then light again. The trails were covered with slush, turning into puddles as footsteps pushed the water out to the side. There were places where the footing was reasonable and others where it was quite slick - and that's on low trails, no climbing for us today. (Oh, I suppose I should say no climbing for Denise since I decided to ride in her camera bag today instead of bouncing down snow-covered wet trails.)

Our first stop after the visitor center was at the Court of the Patriarchs. There's a very short paved walk leading to up to a viewpoint. The rain had just turned over to snow for us, but the path was already covered and quite slippery. Clouds softened the edges of the still visible peaks, clouds and snow.

The Riverside Walk at the end of the road called, and we answered, walking the trail, chatting with other people, stopping occasionally to take photos, using an umbrella as a bit of a shield. Denise didn't take as many photos as usual; she said that it was difficult to shield the lens from water droplets. I hope that we have a few hours of dry walking tomorrow or Monday so we can revisit the places of our wet walks today.

Our other stops today weren't trails as much as they were spontaneous wanders along the river or along the road.

I wonder what the weather wizard will bring to us tomorrow. Fingers crossed...

--- Rover

snow falling on the Virgin River, Zion National Park
Can you see the snow falling?