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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morning report

I heard rain falling as I woke up this morning. My initial thought was that I was dreaming. No such luck, it was wet (as expected)!

Today's breakfast treat was good fuel for the day. It started with yogurt topped with granola and berries and continued with a second course of eggs popped into homemade rosemary bread, topped with pesto & salsa. Ah, good energy for the day...

I was chatting with Liz when I thought I heard the sound of a downpour. I asked if she heard heavy rain too. She smiled and told me it was the dogs running on a treadmill. Liz & Larry have two border collies who are full of energy and who are quite happy to run off some of that energy on a treadmill. She took me down to see them - Larry was running on one treadmill and the two dogs shared a second. When Liz runs she said she usually shares a treadmill with one of the dogs, the other dog has his own. That brought a smile to my face.

view from my room, Springdale, Utah
Morning, the view from my room