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Thursday, December 30, 2010


This week had two sets of bookend days along with a mid-week holiday, a bit odd but still a good week.

First set of bookends days: I worked at home on Monday to avoid roads decorated with driving snow, and tomorrow (New Year's Eve) will be a work-at-home day too.

Second set of bookend days: Tuesday and Thursday I worked in my usual "at the office" location.

A day in the middle, sandwiched between two sets of bookend days: I had one loose vacation day left that needed to be taken in 2010, so Wednesday was a holiday for me.

It was a beautiful sunny day with some cloud decorations in the blue sky, a perfect day to walk along the New Hampshire coast. For the most part the beaches were clear of snow although there was still a bit on Hampton Beach. The tide was going out leaving a smooth surface of sand covered with a sheen of water, perfect for reflections.

sea gull walking, reflections, sun star

snow on the beach, ripples

More photos from today can be seen at the beginning of the gallery New Hampshire's short coastline - 2010.